One of the best ways to know if you are ready for a state, or federal investigation is to do a Mock DOT Audit first.

We will perform the Audit at your office just as the DOT would! The reports at the end of the Mock DOT Audit will be almost identical to what you would receive during a real Audit.

Before we leave, we will also show you the possible DOT fines that you would potentially incur if it were an actual DOT Audit.

Don't worry, we won't just leave you with a report! We will work with you to come up with a plan of action to correct the violations we find, as well as a solid system for future procedures.


We understand that DOT Compliance and the regulations can be very tricky. Not to mentions all of the other responsibilities you have; trying to make your files neat, organized and compliant is the last thing you have time to do.

We can come to your office, go through all of your DOT Regulated files, and create a customized system that works for you. We will also train you and your team on what to do with those files once we leave in order for you to stay DOT Compliant.

We can also do this remotely if you choose- scan and email, or ship your files to us! From there, we will either re-organize in a custom paper file format, or set you up with a completely digital solution using our proprietary DOTReady Software platform.


At DOT Readiness Group, we understand that it can be difficult and expensive to send your whole team to an off-site seminar.


For this reason we offer a full, two-day instructor lead workshop at your location. You can have your whole team attend in a private setting. 


We customize the training materials to fit your company, so you don't have to learn about regulations that don't apply to your operations. 

This class is designed to give your team the foundation, industry terms, perspective, and interpretation they need so they can understand how DOT Compliance really works. 


There is only so much you can learn from the internet or reading the FMCSR’s. Our On-site Training is designed specifically for your company’s needs.


Our team will arrive with the mindset that we work for you and your best interests. We train your team on anything and everything FMCSA!


You let us know any concerns you are currently having and we come prepared to help you come up with the best and most efficient ways for your company to become and stay DOT Compliant. - Yes, we can even do Driver Training!


“UGHHH!!!” That is what we hear every time we talk to companies about how they should be regularly auditing their log books and/or ELD platforms. It is time consuming and honestly really boring. 


DOT Readiness Group will Audit your logs weekly, monthly, or every 3-6 months.


We feel that third party weekly or monthly auditing is the best approach, but you may just want it on a one time basis. This can be done on-site or off-site. Contact us to see which plan may work best for you.


We have a wide variety of managed service plans available. From Phone & Email expertise all the way to fully managed services.


Our goal is to help you with a managed service plan until you feel ready to manage everything on your own.

We will never try to sell you on a product or service because it may be good for us. We will always listen to you and where you feel you are at in your DOT Compliance and Safety Program before we offer any suggestions. 


Even though you are required to have insurance; they are not required to give it to you!


If your broker is having a hard time getting quotes because of your SMS scores or crash rating, we can help them with the process.


We have successfully helped many brokers submit documents on a company’s behalf to show how you will prepare to start reducing your SMS scores, and show you are a good risk.


This process has resulted in brokers being able to submit quotes to companies that otherwise, they would not be able to. (i.e. better commercial insurance rates!!)


We know you are already busy enough. Trying to find the time to travel to a live seminar is difficult and it takes you away from the office for days at a time. When you return, you end up having so much catch up work, that by the time you are finished, you have already forgotten what you learned.

With that in mind, we have taken our 2.5 day live seminar and created an online course for your convenience. 

Our online training is current and up to date, includes multiple downloadable products that in most cases has been created specifically for the class you are attending. These downloads are meant for you to keep, customize and use as it relates to each individual topic. 

Take the classes that you want to take, at a time when it is convenient for you. No expiration dates, no scheduled times, completely tracked and easy to use.

You can purchase the entire course or choose the classes that apply to you. 

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