Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a Mock Audit take?

There are variables to this question, so I will give you some questions that we may have for you to prepare an estimate. How many Drivers, Vehicles & Trailers do you have? What is your DOT #? (We use this to look up your current SMS data) Are you looking for 100% or 20% of your files reviewed? Do you want a full audit on all HOS/ELD's, with Supporting Documents reviewed or just a portion? In most cases a Mock Audit will take 2-5 days, depending on the size of your company and scope of audit. But like we said, it varies so we will always take in to consideration the following first and go from there: 1. Your Budget 2. Company Size 3. Current Red Flags that we find on your SMS Profile 4. Where the Audit will take place

Why is there a 2 day minimum for On-Site Consulting?

Two Reasons for this: 1. Our exceptional service allows our clients to get the full benefit of our expertise. If we tried to do our job in a hurry, you wouldn't be happy with the outcome and neither would we. We have always found that there is nothing to regret with a job well done. 2. We do not charge a daily rate to the client for travel days. We want to make sure our team of experts are not spending all of their time traveling instead of working. Our team doesn't receive any compensation for the days they are traveling; so to take care of them, we require a 2 day minimum for On-Site Consulting. In some cases if the client's office is within a 50-100 mile radius from one of our experts we can adjust this as needed.

What should I expect during a Mock Audit?

The first step will be to finalize the dates, sign the contract for services and submit payment so travel arrangements can be made. Once everything is finalized, you will receive a detailed checklist of items to have available for the audit, as well as some additional instructions to get prepared for your consultant's arrival. The Mock DOT Audit itself, typically includes an onsite visit from one of our experts. During that visit, the expert will review a percentage or all of the files related to your operations as it is listed out in the contract. During the auditing period, your consultant may ask for several addition documents and explain why they want to review them. This gives our clients training and understanding of the process as the audit is happening. Once the audit is finished, your consultant will sit down with members of your team to go over the findings, give recommendations on how to move forward and answer any questions you may have. If time allows, your consultant can begin the process of making any corrective actions necessary as well as train your staff so they can continue the corrective action process.

Are there any gauarantees to the services provided?

We take pride in our expertise; so if there is ever an issue with any services provided we want to hear about it. Although we can never guarantee outcomes of an actual investigation or audit by a government agency, we can guarantee that we will be straightforward and honest about what you can expect if that would occur as well as potential litigation concerns. We do carry Error & Omissions Insurance, as well as General Liability which is not a guarantee by any means, but does allow some relief if we are negligent. We always suggest that before doing business with any consulting firm that you do your research, check references and validate insurance. If you would like more information or would like to check up on us, contact us and we will be happy to help.

What if I book a Mock Audit and the consultant finds there is not enough information to audit?

We often go in to companies for a Mock Audit and find that it would simply be a waste of your time and money to audit files we know are not complete and would result in an Unsatisfactory rating. When this occurs and upon your approval; we move right in to clean up mode. Our consultant will use their time to begin the corrective action process and train your team as that process moves forward. We figure, you are paying us to be there and to help you, not to tell you what you may already suspect. We will do as much as we can in the time originally set in contract.

What additional services are included in On-Site Consulting

With all 2 day minimum on-site consulting work we include the following products at no additional charge: A complete Flash Drive valued at $795.00, this includes policy templates, forms and hundreds of documents, templates and samples that can be customized to your company. 30 days of phone and email support once the consultant leaves.

Online Training

Why don't you have Live Seminars available anymore?

Over the years we have done hundreds of live Off-Site Seminars all over the United States and open to the general public. Currently, we offer live guest speaking events, private seminars and private training events as well as Online Training.. We have opted to focus on creating quality Web-Based training to fit the majority of our clients needs. Our Web-Based training has more availability, is more affordable to you and can be done when it fits your schedule. If you would like more information on a private seminar customized for your company, let us know, we would be happy to give you a quote. We have done private events at the client's facilty as well as designated off-site locations chosen by the client.

Can multiple members of my team attend online training?

Each course/class is purchased on a per student basis. The student registered will be the one who is issued a certificate and access to the training. We offer discounts for multiple registrants at time of purchase, so it is to your benefit to register as many people as you feel it necessary at the same time.

What is your refund policy on online training?

We do not offer refunds for any training purchases, however we will transfer training that has not been started to another person within the same company. Please see terms and conditions on the online training site for more details.


Why does my company need DOTReady Software?

We designed DOTReady software because we tried the others and they didn't provide everything we really wanted. There are a few options out there, but in general; we found that most other platforms were basically a digital file cabinet. You are still required to use paper and then scan and upload those documents even if they were not compliant. We thought that just didn't make a whole lot of sense; so our software creates almost everything needed to be compliant in a digital format that can be completed, signed and properly filed without ever having to print 1 piece of paper. It also helps you be in compliance without having to be an expert. Fully utilized, DOTReady software will allow you to be DOT Compliant and Paperless on a secure platform that can be accessed from any device with internet capablities.

How much does the software cost?

DOTReady is priced on a per asset/ per month basis. The starting price is $49.95 For more information on pricing, go to




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